Status Update: Spinning Jenny

June 09, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

I got to shoot Spinning Jenny a while back, and they were phenomenal.  If you've not heard of Spinning Jenny, they blew up on Tiktok when they commandeered the instruments of the band playing one of the girl's wedding and proceeded to rock out a cover of Paint It Black.   The band is 3 sisters and their father


This was the first time in a while that I've shot a concert, and the first time I've made use of Lightroom's AI Denoise procedure.  The Denoise option turned out to be a powerful tool, allowing me to mostly automate the entire process of editing and get sharper images.   Normally, getting usable photos on smaller gigs is more difficult, as smaller venues have a tendency to darker, with lighting set ups that can sometimes be unfavorable to a sharp image with little noise.  

Finding good angles in The Hard Rock Cafe proved to be a bit more tricky.   The entire floor was packed with tables and I ended up slinking through the crowd and discreetly sitting at empty tables at times.  I managed to sneak shots of the drummer though, so I count this as an overall success.

Current plans for concert photography are to shoot Stitched Up Heart in September when they come to Pittsburgh.  I've also submitted a photo request to shoot Malinda K Reese when she's in town in September as well.  I'll let you guys know how that turns out.  

Beyond that, I am shooting a friend's wedding in July and will be trying to update the portfolio with more recent shots.  Life has been hectic these past few weeks and I will be journeying to NYC  the weekend of June 24th for a baby shower.  If I catch anything interesting I'll let you guys know!


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