New Beginnings

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If you're reading this, well, thanks for coming to this little corner of the internet.  It was pointed out to me by a dear friend, that I need to market more, and prove that I actually know what I'm doing.  To that end, I've decided to revitalize The Blog.  And so here it is.  As this is the initial post of the new effort, I am going to outline the upcoming structure of posts and what you'll find.

First up is going to be the generic status update posts, such as this one. I'll talk about upcoming works, show you some of the photos I have taken as of late, and generally talk to you, dear reader.  You'll find my thoughts as I deem them fit for publishing.  Trials, tribulations, everything.  

The next part that I'll be posting is going to be what I call Lighting School.  I am going to teach my fellow photographers how to light their photos.  You'll find recommendations, tips, tricks, and general layouts for tools of the trade as I have gathered them throughout my career as a photographer.  

The third part is going to be composition and editing.  How did Rich pull off that shot?  What was my mind set when cropping an image?  How did I recreate a look in photoshop or correct a problem? Comp and Editing will be the posts where you can find instruction on how to handle situations using Lightroom or Photoshop.  

I know that some of you would prefer video in this day and age of Youtube, but, I'm a bit old fashioned.  I prefer to read my instructions and skim to the parts I need.  When I can, I will include theory.  If you need to skip it and move on to how something is done, please feel free.  

Anyway, cheers!



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